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A thorough and complete guide to the Insurance Restoration Process. Now available to your team.

From the creators of best-selling Residential and Commercial Roofing Manuals.

Equip your team with the knowledge they need on Insurance Restoration

After a storm or another destructive event, potential clients need your assistance in getting through the stresses and uncertainties of "what's next."

It is a roofing professional's job to help homeowners feel educated and confident until their insurance claims are approved.

Whether You're a Small Contractor or a Full-Scale Roofing Company...

Business 411

Just starting out and looking to take advantage of the opportunities that come with over 100,000 thunderstorms per year in the United States?

This is the resource you need.

Business 411

Established company looking to elevate the insurance restoration division — making it more lucrative as well as beneficial to homeowners?

This manual delivers.

No matter the size of your business...

Optimize your training experience

Branded to your Company

We'll even add your company touch to the full manual by having it branded with your company logo and colors to elevate the training experience.

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Raising the Bar in the Roofing Industry

We've been in the roofing industry since 2015 and have helped train over 700 companies on their business plan, processes, and scalability.

Our mission is to elevate the industry and set a higher standard in how we approach roofing and homeowners.

The Insurance Restoration Training Manual includes everything your team needs to know to provide outstanding customer experiences.

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Table of Contents

An overview of what's included in the Insurance Restoration Training Manual

Business 411

Introduction to the Restoration Industry

— State of the Industry

— Restoration Statistics

— Industry Issues

— Law & Policy

— Company Ethics

— Intro Worksheets

Business 411

Restoration Basics

— Intro to Insurance Restoration

— Insurance vs Retail

— Insurance Companies

— Policy Types

— Claim Types

— Insurance Claims Glossary

— Adjuster Types

— Basics Worksheets

Business 411

Restoration Process

— Process Overview

— Insurance Process

— Locating Affected Areas

— Storm Response

— Pre-Inspection

— Inspection Toolkit

— Performing Inspections

— Damage Guide

— Photo Documentation Guide

— Documents and Contracts

— Claim Report Guide

— Xactimate Education

— Building Estimates

— Adjuster Meeting Guide

— Claim Approval

— Claim Denial

— Scope of Work Review

— Process Worksheets

Business 411

Alternative Processes

— Public Adjuster Strategy

— Retail Strategy

— Supplement Strategy

— Appraisal and Litigation

— Strategies Worksheets

Business 411

Homeowner Education

— Filing the Claim

— Homeowner FAQ’s

— Objections

— Contractor Education

— Public Adjuster Education

— Presentation and Roof Education

— Education Worksheets

— Notes

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Insurance Restoration Training Manual

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  • Intro to the Restoration Industry;

  • Insurance Restoration Process;

  • Educating Homeowners;

  • Worksheets to write out how your company operates.

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Stand out by providing Homeowners high-value content on the Insurance Process.

  • What is Insurance Restoration: Insurance Basics, Restoration Stats, Claim Types, Insurance Claims Glossary for Homeowners, and more.

  • Insurance Basics: Policy Types, Claim Types, Roof Inspections, Signs of Damage, and more.

  • Insurance Restoration Process: Performing Inspections, Filing the Claim, Scope, Adjuster Meeting, and more

  • ​Educating Homeowners: Choosing the Right Contractor, Deductible Education, Approval and Denial, Next Steps, and more.

  • Branded to your Company: The Homeowner Education Guide is branded to your company so it feels like YOUR Custom Educational Tool to Support Customers through the Insurance Process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the manual?

This manual includes everything your team needs to know to succeed in the Insurance Restoration industry.

— Intro to the Restoration Industry: Law and Policy, State of the Industry, Restoration Stats, Roofing Company Ethics, and more.

— Insurance Restoration Basics: Insurance vs Retail, Damage Types, Claim Types, Qualifications, Adjuster Types, and more.

— Insurance Restoration Process: Performing Inspections, Preparing Documents, Scope, Photo Documentation, Supplements, and more.

— Educating Homeowners: Education Process, Contracts and Documents, Filing the Claim, Adjuster Meeting, and more.

— Alternative Processes: Public Adjuster Strategy, Funding Options, Different Models on Estimating, and more.

​— Worksheets: While your team reads through the education guide, they can write out specifics on how your company operates for a more custom experience.

Who is this manual for?

This manual is for any new or veteran member of your team. We created this manual to better onboard new hires for your company and to enrich existing members. We recommend each member of your team, from customer service to sales and production, have a copy nearby.

Can I print the manual?

If you have purchased the Digital Copy, you can print it using a local printing company. However, most companies choose to purchase Printed Copies from us. In that case, we’ll handle the printing and deliver the Printed Copies to you.

How long will it take to receive the digital copy of the manual?

If you have only purchased the Digital Copy, we will send the PDF file to your email address within 4-5 business days of receiving your company's logo to white-label the manual.

When will I receive my printed copies?

If you have chosen to add Printed Copies to your order, we will send you a digital copy for approval within 4-5 business days of receiving your company's logo.
Once approved, we will print the manuals and send them to you.

Please note that this process can take about two to three weeks from the date of approval.

Why haven't I received my manual yet? 

If you purchased a Digital Copy, please make sure you have sent your company's logo to us. In most cases, delays in receiving the manual are caused by a lack of a logo.

If you purchased Printed Copies, please also ensure that you have approved the initial digital copy so we can proceed with printing.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 844-424-9411

We will be happy to assist you.

Why is the manual priced as it is?

When you purchase this manual, you acquire a license that allows you to make and distribute as many copies as you wish to your team.

Can I make changes to the manual?

The Business 411 team cannot make any changes to manuals. If you have a PDF editing tool you will be able to make adjustments and add pages.

Are there other roofing training manuals to help my business?

How can I get more information?

Please contact us at [email protected] or 844-424-9411.

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