Unleash your team's Solar potential with this Solar Training Manual.

Give your employees the power to succeed in Solar with this game-changing Manual.

Take Your Team to the Next Level with the

Solar Training Manual

It is the key to developing your team's solar expertise and freeing up management’s time for high-level admin tasks.

This training manual gives your team a competitive advantage in the solar industry and make your training experience more efficient.

With its step-by-step approach and easy-to-understand language, your team can master solar energy in no time.

Whether You're a current Solar Company or a Roofing Contractor integrating solar in your services...

Business 411

Growing your solar company and looking for a systemized way to get your employees up to speed on all things Solar?

This manual delivers.

Business 411

Are you a Roofing Company looking to diversify your services by adding solar? Need to make your team Solar experts?

We've got you covered.

No matter where you are in the Solar Industry

Build your skilled workforce through EDUCATION.

Branded to your Company

We'll even add your company touch to the full manual by having it branded with your company logo and colors to elevate the training experience.

This will make this tool feel like an IMPRESSIVE internal training document.

Business 411

Ensuring Solar Businesses Scale.

We've been in the construction industry since 2015 and have helped train over 800 companies on their business plan, processes, and scalability.

The #1 problem in our industry is retaining good talent. The only solution is to invest in employee education.

Now we have invested in creating the ULTIMATE foundational education resource for Solar Training for YOUR team.

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Table of Contents

An overview of what's included in the Solar Training Manual

Business 411

Intro to the Solar Industry

— History of Solar

— Growth of Solar

— Solar Statistics

— Solar Rebate Checklist

— Code of Ethics

Business 411

Solar Basics

— What is Solar Energy?

— How does Solar Work?

— Solar Terminology

— KWh Usage

— Types of Solar Energy

— Parts of a Solar System

— Parts of a Solar Panel

— Types of Solar Panels

Business 411

Solar Benefits

— Save Money

— It’s Easy

— Own VS Rent

— Increase Home Value

— Government Incentives

— Durability & Warranty

— Environmentally Friendly

— Energy Independence

Business 411

Solar Systems

— Grid-Tie Systems

— Off-Grid Systems

— Solar Installation

Business 411

Solar Services

— Solar Consultations

—Solar Inspections

—Solar Maintenance

—Solar Installation

—Solar Replacement

—Solar Repairs

Business 411

Solar Sales Process

— Sales Process Overview

— Canvassing

— Pre-Qualify

— Consultation

— Pitch

— Sales Tips

— Solar Objections

— Solar Estimate

— Payment

— Post-Install Education

Ready to empower your team with the Solar knowledge they need to succeed?

Get the Solar Training Manual now and start training your staff 10x faster.

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  • Solar Basics;

  • Solar Benefits;

  • Solar Systems;

  • Solar Services;

  • Solar Sales Process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the manual?

This manual includes everything your team needs to know to succeed in Solar and Solar Sales.

Intro to Solar Industry: educates your team on the history and growth of the solar industry to get them excited about this exciting opportunity for themselves and homeowners.

Solar Basics: gives your team the foundation on all things solar. We cover the basics of how solar works, solar terminology, types of solar energy, parts of a solar system, types of solar panels, and more.

Solar Benefits: educates your team on the long list of benefits solar provides property owners so they can establish themselves as solar experts.

Solar Systems: understand the main types of solar systems and what the best option would be for different homeowners.

Solar Services: goes over the expectations and process of different solar services the company may provide.

Solar Sales Process: craft the ultimate sales process. With this section's combination of solar education, worksheets, and your company's leadership, your team can design their solar sales pitch and selling process from canvassing to payment and install.

​— Worksheets: while your team reads through the education guide, they can write out specifics on how your company operates and how to sell more effectively.

Who is this manual for?

This manual is for any new or veteran member of your team. We created this manual to better onboard new hires for your company and to enrich existing members. We recommend each member of your team, from customer service to sales and production, have a copy nearby.

Can I print the manual?

If you have purchased the Digital Copy, you can print it using a local printing company. However, most companies choose to purchase Printed Copies from us. In that case, we’ll handle the printing and deliver the Printed Copies to you.

How long will it take to receive the digital copy of the manual?

If you have only purchased the Digital Copy, we will send the PDF file to your email address within 4-5 business days of receiving your company's logo to white-label the manual.

When will I receive my printed copies?

If you have chosen to add Printed Copies to your order, we will send you a digital copy for approval within 4-5 business days of receiving your company's logo.
Once approved, we will print the manuals and send them to you.

Please note that this process can take about two to three weeks from the date of approval.

Why haven't I received my manual yet? 

If you purchased a Digital Copy, please make sure you have sent your company's logo to us. In most cases, delays in receiving the manual are caused by a lack of a logo.

If you purchased Printed Copies, please also ensure that you have approved the initial digital copy so we can proceed with printing.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 844-424-9411

We would be happy to assist you.

Why is the manual priced as it is?

When you purchase this manual, you acquire a license that allows you to make and distribute as many copies as you wish to your team.

Can I make changes to the manual?

The Business 411 team cannot make any changes to manuals. If you have a PDF editing tool you will be able to make adjustments and add pages.

Are there other training manuals to help my business?

How can I get more information?

Please contact us at [email protected] or 844-424-9411.

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